Millions March in France to Denounce Terrorism and Promote Unity or Whatever

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
January 12, 2014

Why are these people not demanding that all Moslems be removed from their country?

Why are these people not demanding that all Moslems be removed from their country?

Millions throughout France came out in the streets this weekend for a march to denounce terrorism and promote unity or something. The march was promoted by the French government and Jew run media outlets as a response to the Paris attacks by Moslem gunmen.

The problem is obvious, but the French government and the Jew run media want us to believe that this is some sort of complicated problem that requires complicated solutions. They are claiming that the problem is some sort of vague type of extremism without linking it to any one group of people. Therefore they claim we need to have thousands of riot police in the streets, spy on people’s communications and destroy privacy rights to fight said extremism.

Clearly, the vast majority of these attacks are carried about by Moslems. That much should be obvious to everyone. Therefore the problem is with Islam and the fact that it represents an ideology that is totally incompatible with Western countries. It has been this way for centuries. Therefore, it would make sense to remove these huge populations of Moslems from White European nations.

It is true that some of these attacks may have been financed by intelligence organizations like the Mossad and the CIA but that doesn’t change the fact that large numbers of Moslems should not be in Europe. By default, the threat of these types of attacks would be greatly reduced without large minority populations of Moslems in our countries. How difficult is this to figure out? Why is it that anyone having this view is demonized as some evil “Nazi” or “racist?” This is just basic common sense.

Instead, we are told that we have to bomb countries full of Moslems while simultaneously letting Moslems live inside White European countries. This is the most insane policy you can imagine and we are seeing the results of it. The alleged war on terror has only created a larger number of angry Moslems and rightfully so. Wouldn’t you be mad if an invading force came in and started killing your people? The only group of people this type of policy benefits are Jews who have sought to undermine the racial cohesion of all White European cultures since World War II. We see this with their non-stop promotion of subversive multicultural propaganda, race mixing and open border policies. They’re basically trying to get White Europeans and Moslems who they perceive as racial enemies to fight each other for their own benefit. This is why separation is the only real solution.

The French people should be denouncing Islam and demanding every Moslem be removed from their country immediately. Then they should demand a ban of all Jews from their country since it was Jew promoted policies that allowed such a situation to occur in the first place. The good news is that the war criminal Jew leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is inviting French Jews to immigrate to Israel. I sincerely hope they take him up on his offer.

To conclude, this pathetic attempt by the French government and the Jew run media to misdirect people’s attention from what the real problem is will fail miserably.

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