Judaism & Christianity – Polar Opposites

The following table is another excerpt from the book “Who is Esau-Edom?” by Charles A. Weisman. It’s pretty self-explanatory:


It is clear that the Jewish and Christian mindsets are diametrically opposed to one another just by reading through this table, not to mention the fact that there are many more opposing laws which could also have been included, making one giant table!

Christianity certainly DID NOT come from Judaism or it would follow similar principles, so whenever anyone says that it did, you know right away that they do not understand Christian principles and how it truly works. The truth of the matter is that Judaism reflects the Jews racial nature as a mixed-mongrelised group, and Christianity reflects the racial nature of the White Adamic race.

Christianity and Judaism are polar opposites and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot or knows no better. Everything we see coming from modern churches or so-called “Judeo-Christianity” reflects the high level of Jewish infiltration and subversion of the institutions which are supposed to espouse Christianity.

Christian Identity is the only true Christianity because it correctly interprets the Bible and discards all the garbage and perversions the Jews have inserted.

– White Racial I.D. Admin