Christogenea Radio: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich Part 3

Daily Stormer
June 13, 2015


The religious policy of National Socialism (what we affirm)

NS rejected Liberalism, along with attacks on Christianity and substitutes for Christianity.

Hitler refuted those ideas and upheld Christianity, along with many others in the party such as Himmler.

Hitler’s understanding of biblical scripture was well in advance of the clergy at the time.

“Everybody who has the right kind of feeling for his country, is solemnly bound, each according to his denomination, to see to it that he is not constantly talking about the will of God merely from the lips, but that in actual fact he fulfills the will of God and does not allow Gods handiwork to be debased, for it was by the will of God that men were made of a certain bodily shape and were given their natures and their faculties, whoever destroys that work, wages war against God’s creation and God’s will.”

The Christian denominations will never admit Hitler’s Christianity, because he knew that Aryan man was the pinnacle of God’s creation and to mix that blood, is an unforgivable sin.

A true Christian sees the laws of God through his creation, Adolf Hitler being a true Christian saw those laws and sought to uphold them.

Joseph Goebbels said that “I am a Christian when I believe that the meaning of my life is the heavy responsibility to love my neighbor as myself.”

Of course Goebbels knew that neighbour meant his racial kinsmen and no one else.

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