Australia Signs Free Trade Agreement with China

This is what our new flag will look like. Forget the 'new Aussie flag' debates....

This is what our new flag will look like. Forget the ‘new Aussie flag’ debates….

Now it’s official – Australia is completely on board for the inevitable Chinese buy-up of this country. The Chinese have already bought up tons of our agricultural land and real estate, and this ‘Free Trade Agreement’ will only make it easier for them in the future. So, as we become more and more ‘multiculturalised’, we will simultaneously be making it as easy as possible for the Chinese to acquire all of our assets. This is what happens when you become an insane Jewish controlled Marxist country, namely you run out of cash flow as all your industries close down, and you therefore need someone to keep money flowing into the country so the balance books don’t look so bad. Without Chinese cash infusions we are forced to face the fact that we are pretty much finished, so the politicians will be stoked with this one! The catch is that if we sought to purchase Chinese agricultural land or real estate (not that we’d want it anyway), then the wall of Chinese nationalism would come up immediately, preventing us from doing so. A pretty neat deal for the Chinese, you might say, while our ruined country can keep spluttering along a bit longer pretending everything is still good.

Here’s what the ABC (Jew controlled by Jim Spigelman) has to say about it:

Australia and China have signed a free trade agreement with Prime Minister Tony Abbott hailing it as “history making” for both countries.

Mr Abbott and China’s commerce minister Gao Hucheng signed the deal in Canberra today following a decade of negotiations.

He said it was a globally significant deal and congratulated the respective negotiating teams.

“What you have collectively done is history making for both our countries, it will change our countries for the better, it will change our region for the better… change our world for the better,” Mr Abbott said.

“This agreement will give our nations unprecedented access to each other’s markets.

“We seize this opportunity of more trade and more investment with China and we complete a trifecta of trade with our major trading partners, not only China but also Japan and South Korea.”

Struck in November, the Government said the China agreement would be worth billions to the Australian economy and boost jobs.

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No-one can say that the writing wasn’t on the wall.

– White Racial I.D. Admin

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  1. Shaun

    It’s not surprise to those that have been keeping an eye on what has been happening since the White Australia Policy was abolished. Even for those of us that were too young at the time can easily understand what we see through history.

    Yet another piece of Australia raped by jews.

    Thanks jews.


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