Christogenea Radio: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich Part 6

Daily Stormer
July 4, 2015


Continuing William Finck’s series based around Cajus Fabricius’ book ‘Positive Christianity in the Third Reich’

The Christian Bible demands that we honour our family and nation by raising faithful children, that are aware of the heritage they have received from their ancestors.

Going on to have children themselves that are not mongrels, but are made in the image of god.

Heinrich Himmler’s instructions for the family do not contradict Christian teaching at all.

The churches may use language that appears Christian, but much of it completely contradicts the Bible.

The National Socialists were true Christians whether they knew it or not by their actions, but you could not say the same for the German churches.

Hitler knew that the teaching on morals from the church was correct, but that their universalist dogma was contrary to the health of the people.

However none of this universality can be blamed on true Christianity or the Bible.

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