Evolutionists ‘Playing’ with the Definition of Species/Kind

This proves my point about evolutionists and their lack of ability to define what a species or ‘kind’ actually is. They will bend their definitions, so that whatever they say does not go against the Jewish Marxist agenda.

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The illustration says it all:

What does your natural instinct/common sense tell you?

What does your natural instinct/common sense tell you?

Here’s the news story concerning the two golden Jackals:

‘Golden jackals’ of East Africa are actually golden wolves, biologists report

A golden jackal from Tanzania.

A golden jackal from Tanzania.

The golden jackal of Eurasia.

The golden jackal of Eurasia.

Although they look very similar, the “golden jackals” of East Africa and those of Eurasia are two entirely different species, life scientists reported today in the journal Current Biology.

The discovery, which is based on DNA evidence, increases the diversity of the biological family Canidae — the group including dogs, wolves, foxes, and jackals — from 35 living species to 36.

“This represents the first discovery of a ‘new’ canid species in Africa in more than 150 years,” said Klaus-Peter Koepfli, a former UCLA postdoctoral scholar who is now at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, D.C.

The new study, led by Koepfli and senior author Robert Wayne, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology in the UCLA College, was inspired by recent reports suggesting that the African golden jackal was actually a subspecies of gray wolf. Those studies were based on an analysis restricted to mitochondrial DNA.

Further down the article:

……… However, the genetic data support the idea that they are two separate lineages that have been evolving independently for at least a million years……………..

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That statement about them ‘evolving independently for at least a million years‘ is pure conjecture. Notice how they throw in the million year time frame, in an attempt to give the ‘evolution’ idea some credibility. Funnily enough, the so-called ‘missing link’ would look no different to either jackal!

Anyway, whilst there are no doubt some small adaptational differences between these two populations of golden jackal, the idea that they are two entirely different species is very, very unconvincing.

– White Racial I.D. Admin

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