1 thought on “Central Asia – The Death Of Beauty

  1. Matt Crawford

    The pictures of our people are the proof. These remnants of our genome lost amidst the bastards of west asia show conclusively what will happen to us in Europe and North America if we do not separate ourselves as a community and regain political dominance as the only means of halting the invasion from the Hispanics and Muslims and the incursions of the Negroids impregnating our women. Politics in terms of ‘rights’ is DEAD! The Ashkenazi, through the false political metaphors of liberty and economic opportunity have conquered Washington. They control federal policy now, and no ‘Republican’ administration concerned with ‘conservative values’ is going to alter the genocide proceeding from it. ‘Democracy’ is our enemy!
    What’s to be done then? Separation is the key. And the Northwest offers the best opportunity for White social regeneration. We must take our millions, still the majority, and concentrate them in one geographic area to seize the government, secede, and then re-conquer what the Ashkenazi, the Hispanics, and the Negroes stole from us. The U.S. is dead! The Constitution, for all it’s admiral philosophy of ‘Equality before the Law’ and imperishable rights, is not a fit instrument for the salvation of our Race faced with the dissimulating propaganda of a media controlled by our enemies allied to a government bureaucracy infested with them. We have lost the political battle. WE MUST PART!


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