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The Push to Remove the Confederate Flag

Fly the flag!

Fly the flag!

Nikki Haley, the Indian Governor of South Carolina, is calling for the removal of the Confederate flag because of more hurt feelings over the black church shooting. These are the actions of one lone nut, apparently, so how can it be used to justify removing Confederate flags? Just because Dylann Roof appears in a photo with the flag means nothing. The flag is not responsible for his actions. Clearly, this is an insane reaction, but we all know what it comes back to whenever anything happens to a black in the South: slavery. I mean really, how many more tears can be cried over this stupid slavery issue which the Jews were responsible for anyway? Only a small proportion of Southerners had negro slaves and Abe Lincolns ‘War of Northern Aggression’ against the South had little to do with any desire to end slavery. It was all about saving the Union:

My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union…….

Abraham Lincoln – August 22, 1862

Anyway, this is what the Indian collaborating with the blacks had to say about it in the Jewish media:

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called on Monday for the removal of the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds in Columbia, reshaping a heated debate over race and the flag’s meaning in a state devastated by last week’s massacre at a historic black church.

“For many people in our state, the flag stands for traditions that are noble,” she said in a news conference at the state Capitol, in front of American and South Carolina state flags. “For many others in South Carolina, the flag is a deeply offensive symbol.”

Haley then said, now 150 years after the end of the Civil War, that it should come down. “It’s time to move the flag from the capitol grounds,” she said, before a loud applause.

The governor’s proposal comes five days after the massacre of nine people during a Bible study group at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, an act that authorities are investigating as a racially motivated shooting at the hands of suspected gunman Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white man.

Critics of the flag call it a vestigial symbol of the state’s racist and slave-owning history. A trove of pictures that recently emerged on a white-supremacist site, accompanied by a racist manifesto, appeared to show Roof posing with the flag.

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Let Jews and other non-whites run your affairs and see what happens:

Galatians 6:7 – Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

As a race, we are reaping what we’ve sown.

 – White Racial I.D. Admin

Australia Signs Free Trade Agreement with China

This is what our new flag will look like. Forget the 'new Aussie flag' debates....

This is what our new flag will look like. Forget the ‘new Aussie flag’ debates….

Now it’s official – Australia is completely on board for the inevitable Chinese buy-up of this country. The Chinese have already bought up tons of our agricultural land and real estate, and this ‘Free Trade Agreement’ will only make it easier for them in the future. So, as we become more and more ‘multiculturalised’, we will simultaneously be making it as easy as possible for the Chinese to acquire all of our assets. This is what happens when you become an insane Jewish controlled Marxist country, namely you run out of cash flow as all your industries close down, and you therefore need someone to keep money flowing into the country so the balance books don’t look so bad. Without Chinese cash infusions we are forced to face the fact that we are pretty much finished, so the politicians will be stoked with this one! The catch is that if we sought to purchase Chinese agricultural land or real estate (not that we’d want it anyway), then the wall of Chinese nationalism would come up immediately, preventing us from doing so. A pretty neat deal for the Chinese, you might say, while our ruined country can keep spluttering along a bit longer pretending everything is still good.

Here’s what the ABC (Jew controlled by Jim Spigelman) has to say about it:

Australia and China have signed a free trade agreement with Prime Minister Tony Abbott hailing it as “history making” for both countries.

Mr Abbott and China’s commerce minister Gao Hucheng signed the deal in Canberra today following a decade of negotiations.

He said it was a globally significant deal and congratulated the respective negotiating teams.

“What you have collectively done is history making for both our countries, it will change our countries for the better, it will change our region for the better… change our world for the better,” Mr Abbott said.

“This agreement will give our nations unprecedented access to each other’s markets.

“We seize this opportunity of more trade and more investment with China and we complete a trifecta of trade with our major trading partners, not only China but also Japan and South Korea.”

Struck in November, the Government said the China agreement would be worth billions to the Australian economy and boost jobs.

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No-one can say that the writing wasn’t on the wall.

– White Racial I.D. Admin

Millions March in France to Denounce Terrorism and Promote Unity or Whatever

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
January 12, 2014

Why are these people not demanding that all Moslems be removed from their country?

Why are these people not demanding that all Moslems be removed from their country?

Millions throughout France came out in the streets this weekend for a march to denounce terrorism and promote unity or something. The march was promoted by the French government and Jew run media outlets as a response to the Paris attacks by Moslem gunmen.

The problem is obvious, but the French government and the Jew run media want us to believe that this is some sort of complicated problem that requires complicated solutions. They are claiming that the problem is some sort of vague type of extremism without linking it to any one group of people. Therefore they claim we need to have thousands of riot police in the streets, spy on people’s communications and destroy privacy rights to fight said extremism.

Clearly, the vast majority of these attacks are carried about by Moslems. That much should be obvious to everyone. Therefore the problem is with Islam and the fact that it represents an ideology that is totally incompatible with Western countries. It has been this way for centuries. Therefore, it would make sense to remove these huge populations of Moslems from White European nations.

It is true that some of these attacks may have been financed by intelligence organizations like the Mossad and the CIA but that doesn’t change the fact that large numbers of Moslems should not be in Europe. By default, the threat of these types of attacks would be greatly reduced without large minority populations of Moslems in our countries. How difficult is this to figure out? Why is it that anyone having this view is demonized as some evil “Nazi” or “racist?” This is just basic common sense.

Instead, we are told that we have to bomb countries full of Moslems while simultaneously letting Moslems live inside White European countries. This is the most insane policy you can imagine and we are seeing the results of it. The alleged war on terror has only created a larger number of angry Moslems and rightfully so. Wouldn’t you be mad if an invading force came in and started killing your people? The only group of people this type of policy benefits are Jews who have sought to undermine the racial cohesion of all White European cultures since World War II. We see this with their non-stop promotion of subversive multicultural propaganda, race mixing and open border policies. They’re basically trying to get White Europeans and Moslems who they perceive as racial enemies to fight each other for their own benefit. This is why separation is the only real solution.

The French people should be denouncing Islam and demanding every Moslem be removed from their country immediately. Then they should demand a ban of all Jews from their country since it was Jew promoted policies that allowed such a situation to occur in the first place. The good news is that the war criminal Jew leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is inviting French Jews to immigrate to Israel. I sincerely hope they take him up on his offer.

To conclude, this pathetic attempt by the French government and the Jew run media to misdirect people’s attention from what the real problem is will fail miserably.

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Sydney Hostage Crisis Over, Three Dead Including Gunman

This is what happened (or so we’re told):

Video found here.

From Sky News:

One of the two innocents (both White) killed in Monday’s siege in Sydney’s CBD has been identified as 38-year-old mother of three and barrister Katrina Dawson.

The second victim has been identified as the 34-year-old manager of the Lindt cafe Tori Johnson.

Hostage taker Man Haron Moris (non-white Muslim) was also pronounced dead after heavily armed police stormed the building in a hail of gunfire.

Four others were injured after a 16-hour siege in Sydney’s CBD, a police officer.

Two women have been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while a male police officer suffered a non-life threatening wound to his face from gunshot pellets has been released from hospital.

Another woman has been taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to her shoulder.

The crisis, which began about 10am (AEDT) on Monday at the popular Lindt cafe in Martin Place, escalated dramatically about 2am on Tuesday when shots were fired and police stormed the premises.

‘Unbelievably overnight we have lost some of our own in an attack we would never thought we would see here in our city,’ Premier Mike Baird said at a press conference before 6am.

‘I come before you with the heaviest of hearts.’

Mr Baird said the government’s thoughts and prayers were with the innocent victims of an ‘horrendous vicious attack.’

‘I want to say to their family and friends that everyone in NSW stands beside you,’ he said.

‘My thoughts also remain with those hostages who have been freed.

‘They will be provided every support they need in coming days and weeks and months.’

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said officers had so far accounted for 17 hostages.

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OK. So apparently a Muslim nutter has taken a few hostages at gunpoint, killed 2 of them and injured a few others.

How would you expect the general public to react to such a thing? An outpouring of sympathy with the Muslim community? Well, that’s exactly what seems to be happening. Click this to see: “#illridewithyou”.

It’s unbelievable how successful the Jews have been inviting all our non-white historical enemies into our White homelands. What’s even more unbelievable is that when these non-white savages become violent and kill some of our own, the Jewish media is able to make us feel sorry for the perpetrator’s community as a whole. We feel sorry for Muslims when they kill some of us? This is clearly an insane situation made possible by the altruistic and uniquely White characteristic of being able to view all “humans” as individuals (when trained to by Jewish media), whilst in reality every non-white ethnic/racial group acts as a group.

A simple test to do in this situation is to switch the races around (I know that “Muslim” is not a race, more a mish-mash of non-white racial groups from all over the place masquerading under the banner of a farcical “religion” known as Islam, but you should still get the point):

Imagine if a White person took a whole bunch of Muslims hostage, killed a couple of them and injured a few others? Can you picture the Muslim community offering the White community an outpouring of sympathy and a “hashtag” Twitter campaign titled #westillloveyouwhitey? Hell no! They would be up in arms beyond all belief and the Jewish media would be supporting them 100%, just like how they were 100% behind the Black community with the Michael “Cigar-Thief” Brown shooting, even though they shouldn’t have been. He was a thug and deserved what he got. On the other hand, these 2 White victims of the mad Muslim were actually innocent victims, but is the White community up in arms like they should be? Hell no! That’d be racist or bigoted or some other “ist” or “ism”.

Anyway, this siege case does sum up how pathetic the White race has become in this day and age. Can we not even see the most blatant Jewish media double-standards for what they are? Obviously not, for the most part.

We must awaken or we are history. Choose.

– White Racial I.D. is Truth

Black Serial Killer Targeted White Women, Killed 41

No time to concern ourselves with stories like this! We’re all still crying over Trayvon and Michael Brown!

December 12, 2014

Sailson Jose das Gracas confessed after being accused of stabbing someone.

A Brazilian man accused of stabbing a woman to death in a Rio suburb has confessed to have murdered 41 people, almost all of them women, “for the fun of it,” police said Thursday.

“He wanted to kill women — white women, not black ones. He followed the victims, studying them closely before committing the crimes,” said police commissioner Pedro Henrique Medina from the northern suburb of Nova Iguacu.

The man was identified as Sailson Jose das Gracas, a 26-year-old whom police describe as a psychopath.

They said they were checking his statements against past investigations, and so far they tally with the evidence.

Gracas says he murdered 37 women, three men and a two-year-old child over a nine-year killing spree, explaining he killed the child because he feared it would cry and attract neighbors’ attention.

“I observed them, I studied them. I waited for a month, sometimes a week, depending on the place. I tried to ascertain where they lived, what their families were like. I kept watch on their houses and then after a while went there at dawn, waited for my chance and entered,” broadcaster Globo’s G1 news portal quoted Gracas as saying.

He says he did it for the fun of it.

He explained he started out as a petty thief.

“At 17, I killed the first woman and that gave me a buzz. I kept on doing it and I enjoyed it,” he said, adding on one occasion a couple, Cleusa Balbina and her former husband Jose Messias, contracted him to kill someone for money. The pair are now under arrest.

Gracas said he used a gun in contract killings but strangled his other victims.

He says he will do it again once he gets out from prison.

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French Government to give Holohoax Survivors $60 million!

Holocaust never forget

The Jews never stop extorting money, especially when the second holiest of all their hoaxes is involved, i.e. the Holocaust. (The holiest hoax is that Jews are God’s Chosen and Jesus was a Jew, but that’s another story…) You would think that the Jews would be grateful to the French, since after all they did declare war on Germany in 1939 and fought on the Allied (Jewish) side! But no, all of that wasn’t good enough, so now the French government (read taxpayers) are going to give these slimy Jews (who didn’t get killed anyway) $60 million for their “suffering”. The Madness never stops.

From The Daily Mail:

Thousands of Holocaust victims transported to Nazi concentration camps by a French railway company will be entitled to compensation.

France and the US have agreed a £40 million ($60 million) settlement fund, that will be financed by the French Government.

Survivors who were deported by France’s state rail company SNCF during World War II will be able to make a claim.

As part of the deal, the US Government will work to end lawsuits and and compensation claims against SNCF.

The rail company is currently bidding for a lucrative high-speed rail contract in the US and some State Legislators had been trying to punish it SNCF for its Holocaust actions.

 ‘This is another measure of justice for the harms of one of history’s darkest eras,’ said the U.S. Special Adviser on Holocaust Issues, Stuart Eizenstat, who spent three years working with French officials on the agreement.

SNCF transported about 76,000 French Jews to Nazi concentration camps, though experts disagree on its degree of guilt.

SNCF has expressed regret for what happened, but argues it had no effective control over operations during the Nazi occupation from 1940 to 1944.

The French Foreign Ministry and U.S. State Department announced an accord Friday on the compensation fund, which will be financed by the French government and managed by the United States.

The agreement will be signed Monday in Washington, but it still must get approval from the French Parliament, which could take months.

The French government has already paid more than $6 billion in reparations — but only to French citizens and certain deportees.

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Heroic survivors, no doubt...

Heroic survivors, no doubt…

Note the $6 billion already paid to these professional criminals. That’s $1000 per Holocaust victim! Imagine what France would be paying if they did the right thing and fought on Germany’s side! The level of chutzpah is truly astounding – to extort every last cent out of your wartime ‘friend’ who fought to stop the so-called Holocaust. How anyone reading this mainstream news article could not recognize that the French did not commit this “Holocaust”, and shouldn’t be paying a cent in compo, is beyond belief! But when there’s money up for grabs, it’s always Jews doing the grabbing!

Here’s what the US Department of State has to say about the issue.

Darren Wilson Explains the Event that Triggered Ferguson Riots

This man acted rationally and reasonably in the situation.

This man acted rationally and reasonably in the situation.

Daily Stormer commentary –

Darren Wilson, the White animal control activist who has drawn the wrath of Blacks and Jewish parasites across America, has at long last broken his silence in a wonderful interview with ABC News, in which all issues are laid on the table for the world to hear.

During the footage, which runs for just under ten minutes, Wilson, who comes across as an articulate and humble White Man, describes the incident that forever changed his life, and likely the entire racial fabric of a crumbling United States.

His words properly invoke an image of a horrified police officer, one who had never fired his weapon in anger beforehand, faced with the prospect of an agitated monster of an ape-man, hell-bent on what very well could have been murder.

Negro Thug Michael Brown

Negro Thug Michael Brown

Such testimony forever shatters the “Hands up. Don’t shoot” drivel that has been shrieked by traitors and Negroes for the last few months, and demonstrates the savage brutality of Black thief and thug Michael Brown, who was properly dispatched by Wilson for such rabid behavior.

To his credit, George Stephanopoulos, the reporter who carried out the interview, acted quite unbiased and calm throughout; asking the correct questions, and avoiding the blatant Marxist slant so common in the Jew-dominated media.

Four Jews killed in Synagogue Attack in Jerusalem


When Israeli PM Netanyahu vows to respond harshly we should probably take his word for it. Expect to see at least a few hundred Palestinians killed as “revenge” for this:

ABC News –

Two Palestinian cousins armed with meat cleavers and a gun stormed a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayers Tuesday, killing four people in the city’s bloodiest attack in years. Police killed the attackers in a shootout.

The attack ratcheted up fears of sustained violence in a city already on edge amid soaring tensions over its most contested holy site.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “respond harshly,” describing the attack as a “cruel murder of Jews who came to pray and were killed by despicable murderers.” He immediately ordered the demolition of the attackers’ homes, as well as homes of Palestinians who carried out several other recent attacks.

Police said the dead worshippers were three Americans and a Briton, and that all held dual Israeli citizenship. The attack occurred in Har Nof, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood that has a large population of English-speaking immigrants.