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  1. Dave

    I find your site interesting except some key points in ancient history I think may be wrong if I could explain…Genetics and blood DNA do not lie, Israelites of the Bible are J2 DNA, Arabs are J1 DNA-these groups are brothers. Whites have nothing to do with them. The highest amount of Neanderthal blood in the world belongs to Turkic Arabs. On the other hand, the highest amount of Cromagnon DNA is found in the Basque of Europe, or Western Europeans. ANcient Egyptians, before their libraries were burned, taught the Greeks their heritage, that’s where we get the Greek Myths, which are actually ancient legends of Atlantis. Cromagnon man was born on Atlantis. There is no point of origen of Cromagnon on the Asiatic landmass- only neanderthalls and others. The next key to understanding how great our past is, is understanding the Guanche of the Canary Islands, White Blondes with green eyes-whom the Spanish killed during their explorations. The Guanche have giant red haired mummies on the island that date way back to the FLOOD. The Guanche told the Spanish of a Flood that wiped out their main island to the WEST. That means your true homeland is underwater, and it is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Paleontology teaches the Cromagnons came out of nowhere 10,000 years ago and took over Europe. The biggest Cromagnon hotspot that long ago was in today’s Spain, near Cadiz, where a huge city was just discovered close to shore under 30 feet of mud. It was found out that it was destroyed by tsunami long ago, just like Dwarka in India. The city has the same look as Plato’s Atlantis. I believe it is a replica city of Atlantis. Music, Math, Civilization, Architecture, Seafaring, Astronomy, Flight, Spirituality are in our blood. Not all cultures had reading and writing. After the FLood we all started over. Look to Egypt as the mother of recreation after the flood, it was her mystery schools that taught the famous Greeks. The Isrealites of the Bible are nothing more than the Hyksos, Arab destroyers who used Ethiopians to destroy Egypt and rule it for 600 years by force until the 18th Dynasty. Look up Avaris, the Israeli capital city of the House of Jakobar. These people bastardized and stole Egyptian knowledge, took spirituality and made up a religion. The 10 commandments are tenets of Egyptian civilian codes of conduct. The Psalms of David already existed in a Pyramid long before David became guilty of forgery. J1 and J2 DNA have nothing to do with White. Yaweh is not a god of any White culture but of the Arab Sabbaeans of todays Yemen. Whites lived spiritually, they did not worship gods and demons made up by ignorant cultures. Whites pushed them out of Europe long ago…


  2. Matt

    G’day Brett,

    Glad to find an Aussie adherent of Christian Identity, enjoys good music and espouses the Truth. Keep up the great work.



    1. White Racial I.D. Post author

      Cheers Matt!
      This site is going to be wound up though, because I’m focusing my energy on my other site: That’s always been my main site and everything original on this site will be reposted there!
      Keep listening to good music too mate!!
      You’re welcome to comment over at ETP if you want man!


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