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3 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. hogorina1

    Did you ever think thank that the above American manhood were an enemy unto
    themselves, when the dirty bastard Eisenhower sent paratroopers into Little
    Rock Arkansas and shoved bayonets into the backs of school children, as
    they were compelled to march to school under martial law? Since that
    generation have died out their contemporary descendants, manhood, have
    become a race of cowards,

    Cannot these dumbed-down freaks of nature realize that America is now under
    the political control with an infestation of alien cutthroats that harbor
    sexual degeneration as phallus worshipers, in corrupting helpless school
    children now under the incipient shell of universal Bolshevism. Bolshevism
    is a mental disorder moving across the globe in various political fashions,
    in watering down a criminal nation’s disgust with western civilization.

    These outcasts, being being run out of Asia , are moving into America from
    eastern Europe. And how are they pulling this off. Simple! idle and
    simple-minded mobs, plenty of sports and sexual degeneration.
    Yes, indeed, uncle Sam is put away into the wood shed and sleeps with
    contempt and self-hatred, with little resistance as to the alien invasion
    of global revolutionaries, as international proletarians in an alliance
    with oriental fundamentalism’s rebounding from America’s gradual expansion,
    as gradual imperialism has taken roots in rerouting a once free nation,
    America, right into the ancient Babylonian imperialist plunder, of which
    was the intention as ham’s descendants with their anti-semitic spiritual
    inclinations to make war on God’s chosen seed, the Israelite nation, as
    derived from the nation of Shem. No doubt about it: the
    democratic/republican machine has become one gargantuan monster of
    oppression and a seat of double-dealing scoundrels being housed under the
    shed of a commie-guild-ed nest of political gangsters in hock to a national
    machine of pro-Bolsheviks, while America dashes headlong into an ever
    incipient expansion of universal socialism.


  2. hogorina1

    A good idea would be to drop this into journalism’s lap. Sure, a little repetitive, but life is one eternal round in battling the forces of the world, either with a sword or printed words. The truth must be spread one way or another. In a layman’s term not so easy. But then again, a word here and then will eventually grow from a mole hill into a mountain.

    Hi, an E-mail original sent to interested parties! Please forward!
    Reading your letter regarding a preselected voice to bench on the Supreme Court was only shocking in that it is unusual to learn that citizens are awake, as to how our Republican system is being destroyed with the likes of specific individuals invading the highest court in America. However, this has been the trend since Abraham Lincoln was betrayed by Chief Justice Taney in bringing on Lincoln’s assassination. Shakespeare surmised, ” Oh, truth where is thy sting.” ;

    the very kernael gist, of all we witness today can be discovered in Art.6, Sec.6 of the United States Constitution under Treaties. Yes, this was a plant by British financial imperialism’s a pay
    back from the Founding Fathers. Through this simple under-handed act, was the over throw of this government planned well in advance. Any intelligent personality can readily see how the enemies of all republics’ since Socrates, a ( Democrat ), had been attempting to awaken citizens, as to how genuine democracy was the best life, and of which republicanism was the origination of a free capitalistic society. The only way out of our present system of emerging universal socialism is to ring the bell of truth, that this tone will fall onto ready ears that love and seek truth for the future posterity of a nation’s soul;

    and speaking of souls, citizens have been blinded as to the manner that our Supreme Court is used to actually control three-hundred million Americans, by seating nine members as a front, one member holding the master key, in breaking a tie on any national law, that is binding on the people, or against the Republic. It would take a complete fool that would ignore this simple matter as stated. The upcoming pre-selected personality that the American Bar Association has recommended to our President
    is just another plant. Is this person another tie breaker? Apparently, we have a winner coming from the mobocratically-tuned Democratic wheel, that rolls on, bringing on the death knell for a dying Republic!


  3. Matt Crawford

    Just an opinion born of 30 years of thinking, but I would really appreciate the comments of this forum, viz …
    My supposition is that the a white civilization destroyed by a cosmic cataclysm attempted to regenerate it’s failing population through genetic combinations that brought about Adamic man. This was immediately opposed by the intercession of some eternal enemy who bred with the newly created species to hobble it’s evolution. This ‘bad gene’ through Cain is responsible for psychopathic and sociopathic abnormalities. The best book I’ve seen to explain these genes is Lobacewski’s Political Ponerology, i.e., the study of evil in politics. It shows how these sociopathic types identify with each other, and lacking a conscience quickly rise to the top of any government or business through ruthless manipulation. Lobacewski, if I remember correctly, said that genes were standardized throughout the human population at about 1/2 percent, but rose to some 3% among the Ashkenazi/sephardics. I feel this genetic anomaly of a ‘lack of conscience’ was precisely one of the reasons Adamic man was created, and then through Seth’s ancestor Noah was protected by Jehovah with his firm declarations against miscegenation.


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