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Christogenea Radio: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich Part 7

Daily Stormer
July 12, 2015


Final part in William Finck’s excellent series looking at how Christianity was expressed in Hitler’s Germany.

Hate for the enemies of God is righteous and to be encouraged.

God himself hates a profane man and a fornicator or race-mixer.

Hatred is the mechanism by which we defend what we love. It is normal and godly when we have hatred for that which God hates.

Christians cannot hate their brethren, but are obligated to hate what God hates.

Christian customs and morals are the customs and morals of the White race, to attack them means to attack the very foundations of Western law and order.

Cajus Fabricius confirms that the churches in Weimar Germany had been discouraged from preaching against immorality.

However Hitler never blamed the churches themselves for this, but blamed the Jewish attacks on Christianity instead.

Explicit quotes on this subject are used from Mein Kampf, along with readings from Fabricius’ book, Positive Christianity in the Third Reich.

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