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French Government to give Holohoax Survivors $60 million!

Holocaust never forget

The Jews never stop extorting money, especially when the second holiest of all their hoaxes is involved, i.e. the Holocaust. (The holiest hoax is that Jews are God’s Chosen and Jesus was a Jew, but that’s another story…) You would think that the Jews would be grateful to the French, since after all they did declare war on Germany in 1939 and fought on the Allied (Jewish) side! But no, all of that wasn’t good enough, so now the French government (read taxpayers) are going to give these slimy Jews (who didn’t get killed anyway) $60 million for their “suffering”. The Madness never stops.

From The Daily Mail:

Thousands of Holocaust victims transported to Nazi concentration camps by a French railway company will be entitled to compensation.

France and the US have agreed a £40 million ($60 million) settlement fund, that will be financed by the French Government.

Survivors who were deported by France’s state rail company SNCF during World War II will be able to make a claim.

As part of the deal, the US Government will work to end lawsuits and and compensation claims against SNCF.

The rail company is currently bidding for a lucrative high-speed rail contract in the US and some State Legislators had been trying to punish it SNCF for its Holocaust actions.

 ‘This is another measure of justice for the harms of one of history’s darkest eras,’ said the U.S. Special Adviser on Holocaust Issues, Stuart Eizenstat, who spent three years working with French officials on the agreement.

SNCF transported about 76,000 French Jews to Nazi concentration camps, though experts disagree on its degree of guilt.

SNCF has expressed regret for what happened, but argues it had no effective control over operations during the Nazi occupation from 1940 to 1944.

The French Foreign Ministry and U.S. State Department announced an accord Friday on the compensation fund, which will be financed by the French government and managed by the United States.

The agreement will be signed Monday in Washington, but it still must get approval from the French Parliament, which could take months.

The French government has already paid more than $6 billion in reparations — but only to French citizens and certain deportees.

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Heroic survivors, no doubt...

Heroic survivors, no doubt…

Note the $6 billion already paid to these professional criminals. That’s $1000 per Holocaust victim! Imagine what France would be paying if they did the right thing and fought on Germany’s side! The level of chutzpah is truly astounding – to extort every last cent out of your wartime ‘friend’ who fought to stop the so-called Holocaust. How anyone reading this mainstream news article could not recognize that the French did not commit this “Holocaust”, and shouldn’t be paying a cent in compo, is beyond belief! But when there’s money up for grabs, it’s always Jews doing the grabbing!

Here’s what the US Department of State has to say about the issue.