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Jews Have Been Expelled 109 Times (at least), but It’s Never Them!

My analogy of Jewish expulsion – is it the Jew or the host?

If you walked into a bar, had a few beers and got kicked out after a couple of hours, you might put it down to a lousy bartender. You got the “rough end of the stick” that night.

The next time you go to a different bar, but the same thing happens. You last 6 or 7 beers then the bartender shows you the door! What the hell?

Now, this process goes on and on, until you have been to 109 different bars and got kicked out of them all! How could this happen?

What a smart person does is look for the common denominator. Is it more likely that you were unlucky enough to encounter 109 bartenders with an irrational hatred of you, or could it be that the way you behave is causing you to be shown the door every time?

We all know the answer. It’s obviously the persons’ behavior which is getting them booted out of every bar they go to! Therefore we can logically apply the same thought process to the history of Jewish expulsion. What’s the common denominator? The Jews and what they do. 109 different cases (at least) of them being expelled, yet we are to assume it’s always the host with the problem? No, that defies all logic and common sense!

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