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Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, Part 2


The second part of Bill’s series on Positive Christianity deals with the issue of “paganism” in the Third Reich, the Allied propaganda about National Socialism being somehow anti-Christian (yeah right), as well as who was Friedrich Nietzsche’s inspiration. Could Nietzsche have been inspired by a Jew named Baruch Spinoza?

Listen to find out!

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Nietzsche - He liked the Jews and condemed anti-Jewish behaviour. He also hated Christ

Nietzsche – He hated Christ, liked the Jews and condemned anti-Jewish behaviour, yet this man is an inspiration for some so-called National Socialists? Some people have no idea…

Joseph Goebbels on Paganism/Heathenism

In the above video it is abundantly clear where the National Socialists stood regarding Paganism/Heathenism.

Positive Christianity, meaning practical and real Christianity, was the foundation of National Socialism. The words and actions of the National Socialist regime clearly supported this position. So no matter how many fantasies people wish to have about National Socialism being anti-Christian, they are simply wrong. They either do not understand Christianity and what it is really about, or they don’t understand National Socialism – one or the other, or both!