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Christogenea Radio: Positive Christianity in The Third Reich Part 5

Daily Stormer
June 28, 2015


The second part of Cajus Fabricius’ book on Positive Christianity is entitled ‘The Christian Foundations of National Socialism’

William Finck points some of these foundations out, such as brotherly love, being made in the image of God and dominion over the world.

Never in the history of nations has there been movement like this, that has been so close to the spirit of Biblical Christianity.

Based on individual self denial, but not on national self denial.

National Socialism was Christianity in action, instead of just being hollow words.

For ‘faith without works is dead.’

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Christogenea Radio: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich Part 4

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2015


Continuing the presentation of Cajus Fabricius’ book ‘Positive Christianity in the Third Reich’

Positive Christianity was a practical Christianity, which was seen as Christianity in actual practice, rather than just in words.

Real Christianity is not practiced in a church, however before books were available, the church was the only place where instruction in Christian morality could be found.

It is this dissemination of Christian morality that Hitler saw as being the most important role of the church.

The National Socialist movement made war on all those parties who would degrade the church into merely being an instrument for a party’s interests.

The Positive Christianity of National Socialism was an earnest endeavour to practice what Caius Fabricius called ‘the real thing.’

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Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, Part 1


This is the first installment of Bill Finck’s podcast series covering “Positive Christianity in the Third Reich” by Professor D. Cajus Fabricius, along with relevant commentary. If you truly wish to understand how Christianity and National Socialism related to one another, then make sure you listen to this series:

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Positive Christianity in the Third Reich

Here’s some literature from National Socialist Germany concerning Christianity. This book is from 1937 and it sets the record straight for those with questions about how National Socialism fits together with real Christianity.


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Book review from Amazon:

Written to rebut the misconception that National Socialism under Hitler was anti-Christian, Positive Christianity in the Third Reich shows that Hitler supported positive Christianity in different publications such as the Programme of the German National Socialistic Party and himself referred to the Almighty numerous times in his speeches, often closing with a prayer. Positive Christianity is defined as “a Christianity not exhausting itself in expressing convictions of faith but one active in loving one’s neighbor.” National Socialism was a program that allowed for religious freedom within the confines of natural and positive thinking and did not seek to distance the church from the state. This book acknowledges that for the reawakening of the German soul it is also necessary that the German spirit be renewed for the “permanent health of our nation from within.” It shows that in no way was Hitler deified rather he was recognized as one who fulfilled the will of the Father and realized the life of Christ in an extraordinary degree. An excellent read that disperses any doubt of Hitler’s feeling towards the Great Father.

Book Foreword by D. Cajus Fabricius:

There is much misconception in the world today with respect to the position of Christianity in the Third Reich, opinion being rife that an anti-Christian attitude or paganism is at the moment predominant in Germany. These were the considerations which led me to issue an English edition of my book: “Positives Christentum im neuen Staat”. This book is in no way an official statement. The only official book on National Socialism is Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Official documents are also “The Programme of the National Socialistic Party” and the Laws of the State. I for my part, have simply endeavoured as a theologian to give in these pages a clear and scientific exposition of the substance of Christianity in its relations to the substance of National Socialism. The point of view, however, thus set forth in this little book is not only my own, but is shared by millions of German people who are real Christians and at the same time good National Socialists unswervingly loyal to their Führer Adolf Hitler. The German edition of this book was published in 1935. Since then the German situation, the fundamental principles of the National Socialistic State and the attitude of the Fuhrer towards Christianity have remained unchanged. A few days before writing these lines, the Führer in his speech to the Reichstag on 30th January said, that in all humility he thanked Almighty God for His grace manifested in the uprising of the German Volk. He said too, in speaking of his personal experiences that he had had three unusual friends nearly all his life: In his youth, poverty, then sorrow at the collapse of his People, and finally anxiety for the Reich. This is the Führer’s unchanged attitude, one conforming both to a Christian and a heroic figure. Thus may this little book serve to spread the truth throughout the world. I hope that my attempt at its expression will be understood abroad, and I should be glad to receive any comments on what I have said from friends in other countries.